Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sewing projects and new sink and faucet

Saturday I practically had the whole house to myself because the boys were driving tractor for Grandpa and mowing their garden, Joel was on call all day, and Heidi and Reagan were playing with the neighbor girl. So I had a chance to sit down and play in the sewing room. Yay! One little project I finished was a new washable slipcover for our old high chair. This high chair has seen a lot of use, especially since it's actually a hand me down from my Mom. It still works great and I like it's small profile since our dining room is very petite. Unfortunately, the back seat is cobbled together with tape and Leif 's decided it's so much fun to try to EAT the tape off when I'm not looking. I used vintage-look fabric and ticking to make the removable cover up. It was a really simple project but I'm so happy with it. If you look close at the background you can see the faucet that Joel put in for me last month. I love it. We plan to take it along from house to house, like we've been doing with our bathroom faucets the last couple years. We are faucet freaks. Nothing makes a kitchen or bathroom feel nicer than a beautiful faucet. Joel also put in a 10 dollar sink I found at DI a few years ago and that has been stored in my Dad's barn. It's a big, deep, porcelain sink. I LOVE IT!! It's so much better than the very shallow stainless steel sink I had before. I am afraid I won't be able to take it with me. I actually suggested we try to take it when we move but Joel vetoed the idea. :-)

Here's another sewing project I finished recently: a skirt for Hailey.

She really likes this style of skirt and I like the fabric. I found the fabric at the Quilt Barn and I think it's from the Amy Butler line.If I find some time, I want to make another one for Heidi.


Michelle said...

Oh Sariah, you're wonderful, and I miss your creative and inquisitive company! So great to catch up reading your blog. Love all of your latest posts. Almost makes me feel like I am there. Love you!

Ravenhill said...

Wow, I adore that pretty swirly skirt! What a great job you did. I love ruffles, but they are a bit of work. I think your seat cover is so pretty too. I guess you are a very creative talent!!!
emily xo