Sunday, March 18, 2012

The boys went out into the misty moisty weather yesterday to take some profile pictures for their blog they are working on.  I love how their pictures captured the beauty of southern Idaho in March.  At first glance everything seems grey and dreary, but then when looking closer, the textures of the rocks, plateaus, and lichens really come alive.  


Friday, March 16, 2012

Quick trip to Washington

 Joel and I traveled to northern Washington this week with the 3 younger kids.  Neither Joel or I had ever been that far north before (we were 1/4 mile from the Canadian border). It's always fun to see new places.

 We drove up to Boundary dam on the Pend-Oreille River. 

The powerhouse for the dam is all within this rock.  Crazy, huh. There are 2 tunnels big enough to drive into.
Gorgeous surroundings that I bet are even more gorgeous in the summer.

 While Joel took a test, the kids and I visited the local library and looked at the little museum which are all housed in what used to be the town's school.  Buildings were so much classier back then.  I love that they have antique rocking chairs all around that are meant to be used. 

They have a little theatre in that same building and Reagan thought the ticket booth looked like fun.
 Woohoo!  Torsten received his Eagle Scout award on Sunday!  :-)

 It was a great ceremony! 4 of Torsten's dedicated Young Men leaders from our 13th ward in Twin Falls came too. It was a wonderful evening.