Wednesday, September 15, 2010

hmmm.....I thought this was chocolate...

I couldn't help myself. Had to put a picture of Leif from last week (before the reader was broken) Sorry if this blog is biased towards Leif- it is a baby-love condition that is not curable right now.
Yesterday Leif decided the card reader is much more fun to play with when it is in 2 pieces. So, this blog will be picture-less until we go purchase a replacement at the computer store. In the meantime, I will paint you a picture of the different things going on at our house- just sit back and imagine:

We are raising 2 new chicks that we got from the T.F. county fair- a yellow chick and a brown chick. They were such cute fuzzy fluffballs for about a week, but are all ready in that homely awkward stage. (I do not remember the other chicks we've raised growing so fast!) Their feathers are falling out and looking strange and their necks are too long and they are all around UGLY. Poor things. Maybe we can be glad the picture card reader isn't working right now! I'm so glad human babies don't grow as fast as chickens. Speaking of babies....

Leif is walking and he has been for about a month now! I love. love. LOVE. watching him walk around in just a diaper so I can see his fat little thighs in action. The whole family is entertained by his newly mobile antics. Those squeezable little legs climb up into the dishwasher so he can throw the silverware across the kitchen, waddle to the nearest open toilet to splash around, or toddle into the bedroom and unload all the books off the shelf. He's very good at entertaining himself.

Heidi and Reagan are learning about the solar system and painting each of the planets. Heidi's Saturn turned out awesome- I have to come back and post a photo later. As the pictures are completed we're hanging them down the hallway and adding "space" words to a poster to help Reagan increase his reading vocabulary- atmosphere, crater, dangerous, astronaut, etc. They're both really enjoying this part of school!

Torsten, Hailey and Taylor have also returned to their school schedules. Their day includes work in math, grammar, vocabulary, word roots, Shakespeare, piano theory, HTML, everyday Latin, and read aloud in history and science with me. By the end of the day, the entire living room is strewn with books, markers, binders and papers of all sorts. It's too bad I can't post a picture of that. For fun, Taylor's been working on 2 new models, Hailey is working on pro level solos for clogging and Torsten is working on an arrangement of the Harry Potter theme song for his bell quartet. Oh, and can you believe it- Torsten is now old enough to be attending seminary! Which means early mornings and busy days around here.

Those early mornings get here much too quick, so I better quit rambling and go get some sleep. :-)