Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sledding with practically no snow

We are in a slightly warmer area than the rest of the southern Idaho.  I think our lower elevation and the lake effect pushes the thermostat upward just enough to cause us to get cold rain when everyone else gets snow.  It certainly isn't warm though--it makes me laugh when I hear this referred to as the "banana belt" of Idaho.  Who the heck can grow bananas here?? 😜  But it IS warm enough by a few degrees to not accumulate much of that fun white stuff when Boise, Mountain Home and Twin Falls are all getting it.  

Reagan and Leif knew this could possibly be our best snow storm of the year so they got out to enjoy it!  Most of the hills around here end in a ditch, lake, or a barbed wire fence.  So Reagan provided the speed for the sled.

Woohoo!! Faster Reagan, faster!