Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just a quick hello

 It was so fun to finally get our first  snow! Hagerman never gets much compared to the rest of the Magic Valley because we are so low in elevation and close to the river.  But no snow at all by the middle of January is unusual! This year Leif was old enough to enjoy messing around in it.

The snow turned to rain the next day.  It rained and it rained.  We were then a soggy mess for awhile and we had a small lake in our backyard.

Reagan received mostly science related things for Christmas, including this chemistry set.  He loves setting up his "laboratory" and reading his experiment book looking for the next great explosion.  We've tried quite a few experiments together, but usually Reagan just goes at it on his own.  At some point, he made a solution of dish soap, baking soda, iron fillings, vinegar, food coloring, etc., etc. A few days later, I told him to pour the concoction down the sink before it spilled on something and ruined it.  Well, what do you know, but that concoction pitted the bottom of the kitchen sink and all the silverware, and plates and bowls that were in the bottom of the sink too.  They all have permanent rust colored speckles.  (When Joel installed the sink and faucet in this house I joked that I wanted to take them with us when we move.  Ahem. They can keep the sink now.)

Hailey turned 14 this month!  I. can't. believe. it. 

 The kids have been into taking "angelic" pictures of Leif.  So cute.  It almost makes me forget -----Oh my heck.  How ironic.  Just as I was typing that last sentence and I realized I hadn't heard from Leif in awhile.  He climbed to top of the bookshelf in his room to get the Vaseline jar. ( I hide it up high in a basket up but I guess he's on to that hiding place) Of course he was smearing it all over his head.   Off to give him a bath........