Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My roses are putting forth their last beautiful hurrah before the killing frosts of November are here. 2 tone roses are my absolute favorite, especially pink and yellow ones.

Taylor took the rose pictures for me. When I see something pretty I often ask him get the camera out and be my photographer. He knows how to use the camera better than I do. Taylor also took the fall foliage shots in my last post. I think his favorite thing to shoot are interesting textures. After Taylor's photo sessions you always find closeup pictures like these on the camera:
Oh, and these kind of closeups too of course....he is eleven after all. I think this is particular photo is entitled "Self Portrait- the Startled Eyeball"
and this one, "Mein Scar".
However did we manage before the digital camera was invented?


D. said...

What a funny kid! He does seem to have a talent, however. Both of my boys who have had college photography classes seem to have a penchant for texture photos. Must be the 'artist's eye'.

MisoMama said...

Ethan is always taking pictures of his eyeball too.