Monday, October 18, 2010

I spent all day Sunday crying over the unexpected death of my friend Sarah's beautiful 16 month old baby girl. The grief and sadness that I know their family is going through kept playing over and over in my heart. It seems like life can throw such breathtakingly hard experiences at us at a moment's notice. We just want to shout "Nooooo! Take this back, take it away.....I don't want to deal with this.....I can't.....

Sarah is the same friend who helped me move from Grand View to Shoshone Falls in 2007 and then this spring, she drove the 2 hour trip from Grand View to spend all day helping us move from Shoshone Falls to Hagerman. With her 4 children in tow she still managed to get more done than Joel and I put together. Sarah has literally helped shoulder my moving burdens twice now but I feel helpless to return the favor though hers is a burden that is ever so much heavier.

This morning when I woke up, the tears began again and I decided I needed to get out of the house. I put Leif in my backpack and off we went. Walking in the gorgeous fall weather I was reminded that God's handiwork is so wonderous and amazing - whether it is the smooth perfect skin of your baby's cheek or the flaming red autumn leaves glowing in the sun. Life is so fragile. It is so beautiful. So finite. It brings a bittersweet ache to my heart and I want to hug my family and treasure every moment I have with them. I need to embrace the beauty of each day. I pray that Sarah, her husband and their girls feel the warmth of God's love wrap around them and carry them through this.


Michelle said...

Oh, Sariah, I am so sorry to hear this news. So sorry for your friend Sarah. I don't know her, but if she is a friend of yours, I know she is a wonderful person and my heart is breaking for both of you. I hope she reads your post because it is beautiful and wise and comforting. And I know from experience that there is nothing more sweet and soothing to the soul when you are going through this kind of loss than a friend who loves you and shares in your sorrow. I will be saying a little prayer for their family and yours. Love, Michelle

D. said...

Dido to everything that Michelle had to say.
We go along in our lives with small cares and trials and then something of real import drops down, giving us a check on what is actually important.
I send my prayers to you and to Sarah along with her family. Only worse than the loss of child is the loss of a child without the knowledge that we will see them again.
Treasure all that we are given, every minute, of every day!
See you soon.

mama of many said...

Oh Sariah, I am so sorry. I heard about the poor little girl but didn't know you knew her. What a tragedy. Thanks for sharing your beautiful words. I am going to go hug my people right now. Life is fragile, relationships are so important. Sarah's and yours will be in my prayers.

EllaJac said...

Oh how sad. I am so sorry to hear this. I pray comfort for the family and friends of this little one.

MamaJ said...

Oh Sariah, how heartbreaking. Having lost a child, I know the best gift you can give her is to remember her in the weeks and months to come when other people have forgotten and moved on. Praying for you and for their family. Take Care.