Friday, October 15, 2010

Can't get a hold of me? I wonder why......

I have decided I am waaaaay too irresponsible to have a cell phone for my "main" phone. The next time we move I am going back to a land line. I promise. In the meantime, apologies to everyone who can never get a hold of me. I am probably not answering the phone for a multitude of reasons.


a) the phone is in Las Vegas (when I myself am in Idaho)

b) the phone is in a USPS box in transit back to Idaho

c) the phone is lost for 2 days because it is hiding in the kids bathroom vanity amongst the cleaning supplies, set on vibrate mode so of course it cannot be heard as we fruitlessly call it over and over trying desperately to find it, seeing as how it is our only way to communicate with the outside world besides email.


d) some other completely random and irresponsible reason

Yes, if I were the parent of myself I would be taking away my cell phone privileges right about now.


Kimberly said...

I finally tied a ribbon around mine so I can hang it around my neck. Totally cute...but I haven't lost it for almost a year!

Josh said...

You would never expect this, but we have terrible cell phone reception here. My cell phone doesn't work at home or at work. But if I leave it on, it drains the batteries like crazy. So, I usually keep it off. Recently, I've only been checking my cell phone once every couple weeks or so. And it's great! I try and remember to charge it for when we leave base and I want it for emergencies, but for the most part, our landline and my work phone are the only ways to communicate verbally with me. The downside is that when I'm on duty (twice a month) I have to stay in some roach motel because the duty phone doesn't get reception at home either.

EllaJac said...

Oh my! I've been thinking about abandoning our land-line... The cordless phones are never to be found, their batteries are dead and they sit silent. We never know there's a call until the answering machine starts with it's beep... and this is $30/month?

Then again, the cell phone CAN be elusive. I try not to keep it on my person very much due to freaky concerns about EMF radiation and such, but this only leads to losing it more! What a dilemma!

Joyful Saint said...

I really need to cancel my landline to save money, but honey says no way until I can prove that I can be responsible with a cell phone. We have two. I think I will tie a ribbon around one and leave it connected to the wall....I am such an airhead when it comes to the physical world. Give me deep thoughts any time.