Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some Photo Memories of "Cool Ringings"

We had a really fun time at the chimes conference last weekend. All the musical activities that kept us running, dorm time with our friends, eating in the cafeteria with a great all you can eat salad bar: it added up to be a very memorable weekend. :-)

Here's an interactive picture/scrapbook dealy-o. If you click on the pictures they'll enlarge.
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Kristy Lou said...

cool way to present pictures. I like the music, too. Looks like the kids had a great time! I never asked if you got any sleep the second night :)

MisoMama said...

That is really a neat way to share. You are becoming a techno-whiz.
Why was the food vegetarian? Was it the school/church's preference? or yours?

sariah said...

The school that hosted the chimes conference weekend was a private 7th Day Adventist school and they believe you should not eat meat- or that you should try not to eat meat as much as possible. So we had vegetarian chili, pasta with tomato sauce, and soy hot dogs as the main courses. Those soy hot dogs were not popular! But they had a wonderful salad bar, and bowls of fresh fruit, and many lots of non-soda beverages to choose from.