Friday, July 2, 2010

Our Favorite Water Park

Do you know why Roaring Springs Water Park is our favorite?  Because it's free!  Well, once a year it is.  Every year they are kind enough to host the Roaring Reader program which gives every child an entrance ticket after they track 600 minutes of reading.  It has created a fun family tradition for us.

This year we were able to go the same day as many of our homeschool friends.  Here is Reagan and his good buddy Lincoln trying to stay warm.

Hailey with her friends Kristen and Hannah.  Taylor in the background giving me the "don't take a picture when I'm licking a cone" look.

Heidi and Katie enjoying a snowcone together.

 I really wish I could have captured how happy Leif was to play in the fountain.  He LOVED it!  It was so much fun to see him trying to grab the water and splashing in the puddles.  But my camera is just too darn slow for action shots.  But I have managed to capture in the photo his radiant whiteness, inherited from his mother.

Hailey and Katie after they finished riding the scariest ride in the park: Avalanche.  Katie liked it so much she rode it twice in a row!

And lastly, Leif and our sweet enduring Grandma, who comes along to places such as this, even when she probably wishes she could stay home and crochet or something.  (But she's always too nice to say so.)


K. Lou said...

so where's the picture of Sariah in her swim gear? JK. don't you love/hate swimming for that very reason? glad you guys had fun--except you didn't come to visit me (waa). maybe next summer?

Tana said...

So great! What a fun tradition!