Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why haven't I blogged lately? reason really, just busy with life I guess.  :-)  So what's life been made up of this summer?

In no particular order:

*Swimming and kayaking at Fischer Pond  with the Hansons (to read more about that super fun day, check out Jenny's blog post) 

*Hosting 4th of July weekend for family and friends.

*Milking a cow for a friend who was out of town.  Believe me, we will NOT be getting a milk cow any time soon!

*Camping, kayaking, and 4-wheeling with numerous friends at Alturas Lake.  Lovely, lovely place, that Stanley Basin.  I would stay there a month or two if I could.

*Swimming at Niagara Springs with the Lundgrens and Hansons.  Oh. Um.  Jenny posted about that too, if you'd like to jump over to her blog again.  Now the fact that a mother of 8 finds the time to blog about her family's summer adventures and I don't is pathetic. You are amazing Jenny!

*A very wet, cold camping trip at Green Canyon Hot Springs for a week of swimming lessons, again with the Hanson and Lundgren clans.  Even though it blew so hard it broke tent poles, rained pretty much every day, and Jenny and I should have been awarded the prize for the messiest camp site, we had a FUN! 

*Rafting rapids from Lower Salmon to Bliss in a borrowed whitewater raft.  Good times, good times.

In between our outdoor fun, I have been squeezing in time to sew and and read a little, and trying to keep up with laundry.

Now, next time I post, I'll try to get a few photos on here because a story "without pictures" is certainly never as much fun.

Hope you are all enjoying SUMMER!

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