Friday, July 30, 2010

Fishing near Koosharem Utah

Lower Box Creek Reservoir was the fishing hole of choice this year. It's a very pretty drive and the fishing was great. Every day they caught their limit within a few hours.

Hailey's not sure she cares for fish kisses.
Taylor posing with the day's catch.

One of the days I took all the younger cousins for an "adventure" while everyone else fished. We thought it would be fun to walk around the reservoir. At the headwaters we found little waterfalls, a beaver dam and MUD. Lot's of MUD. That mud swallowed one of Reagan's flip flops, never to be found again. That's not the first flip flop Reagan has lost on an adventure, nor the second or third. That is why I try to pay no more than a dollar for his summer footwear. :-)

Abram and Reagan forging ahead through the muck. Abram almost lost his sandals too but fortunately we were able to retrieve his.

Sophie and Heidi enjoyed looking at the wildflowers with me and they also found quite a few geodes and interesting rocks.

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Anonymous said...

I love Koosharem!!! Upper Box Creek has a super fun stream to play in and chase minnows in! I love that place.