Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The computer is finally not tied up by my kids working on their summer classes and my mind can't settle on anything in particular to blog about. Hmmmm..... I really think all creative brain cells have escaped my body in the last few months! Will they ever come back? Does their departure have anything to do with nursing a cute baby night and day? Can I also use that same "brain drain" excuse to explain my having to return TWICE in the same afternoon to the local dancewear store, first to retrieve the clogging shoe I forgot there and then to retrieve my credit card I had also forgot? My inquiring mind wants to know.But no matter the state of my brain the last few months, (okay, maybe it's never been in perfect running order) this little feller is certainly worth it. He's the love of our life right now!! :-)

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Manda said...

He's a doll! And your hair is so long!! I wish we could've come up when you guys were there. We'll be in Salt Lake this later next week - how about a visit to Salt Lake?