Thursday, August 12, 2010

July in Review

Here are a bunch of random things I wanted to post about last month, but didn't get around to. Because it is almost 1 in the morning, I am going to simplify by combining them into one big post!

For my 35 birthday I wanted to float Billingsley Creek so Joel and I tried it out. (Okay, actually I wanted to take him to Blue Heart Springs but we were running short of time and the wind was picking up so I settled for Billingsley Creek) Pretty uneventful except for running into a huge pipe that crossed the whole creek. We had to squeeze the kayak under the pipe, then one of us at a time would get ON the pipe and then jump in the kayak from the other side. It's always fun to have an adventure...
And speaking of adventures: here is one of my best friends: Jenny. She's always up for an outdoor adventure!! ******
Baby eating strawberries AND grass at Niagara Springs. They make a yummy combo in case you were wondering.

Torsten went on his first big hike- a 30 miler up in the Sawtooths. He saw some beautiful country during that week. Those mountains make my heart swoon.

Here we are milking Bessie while her owners were out of town. She really didn't care for the new routine. Who could blame her? We were in a hurry because we were losing daylight so at one point there were 3 of us milking her at the same time....after 40 minutes she adamantly backed out of the shoot and went back to the pasture. I think we were just to darn slow for her liking. (If you look carefully, you'll see Heidi milking on the other side.)

On our way to Koosharem we stopped in Manti to see the beautiful temple..........and run down the huge hill.
Breathtaking. The sky was georgous that day.
Leif and Farfar Pearson (that's Swedish for Grandpa, in case you're wondering) at the kitchen table in Koosharem.******
And now it is waaaaaay past my bed time so I'll say good night. Good Night! :-)

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Manda said...

The picture of the temple is beautiful and I love the family picture with the temple in the background!