Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why can't I sleep?

I am not sure what my problem is lately. I seem to have a sleepless night almost once a week and it's driving me crazy! I guess I might as well post some random thoughts while up in the wee hours of the morning.

First, take a look at this artichoke. This was taken in mid-September.
My dear friend, Hilarey, gave me some seedlings started in cups this spring and I have to say that I really didn't expect to harvest anything. But they surprised me and did great! Artichokes were a fun, exotic looking plant to have in my rather mundane potatoes, beans, corn, and squash garden. I plan to plant them again next year.

So then I decided to dry a few of those artichokes for decoration but now one of them is coming back to life! Take a look at the purple stuff growing out the top. It almost reminds me of a sea urchin or a very weird flower.
On to a different topic: I have another silly photo of a sleeping child that I took last night. He's in the laundry basket again! Posting photos of the kids in peaceful slumber may become my tradition on sleepless nights.......


Kristy Lou said...

How in the heck can he sleep like that? Maybe you should try crawling into a laundry basket when you can't sleep. Stay there for about thirty minutes and then when you crawl back into a normal/comfortable bed, your mind and body will be so grateful that you will be asleep in no time...:)
I didn't konw artichokes could sprout alien-colored hair. Weird and cool!

lawdy said...

i'm jealous because i planted some from Hilarey too, but mine perished miserably. It looks so pretty. I've never seen one on the plant.

MisoMama said...

I think those sleeping kid pictures must be salt in a wound for you to post in middle of the night!

Why didn't you eat the artichoke? The five of us would have been fighting over it.

Manda said...

We've got about 4 artichokes that I'm not sure what to do with - how do you cook yours? - oh wait. You don't. You let it grow purple hair instead. Well - i'm all for trying something new in the decor dept. :)

lindafay said...

This picture of your dear son is precious!