Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our Chicken Laid an Egg!

Finally, after what seems like months of waiting and anticipation, one of our chickens started laying eggs! Yesterday, Hailey went out to feed them and found 2 eggs in their nesting area, so at first we assumed they had both started laying. But then I was reading my "chicken manual" and read that chickens that are laying eggs will have white feet and non layers will still have yellow. I hurried out to the chicken coop to check my chickies feet and sure enough- Stinky Pete still had yellow feet! Do you think it is psychological? The kids named her Stinky along with a masculine name and now she is the one not laying eggs! Anyway, Abigail has all ready laid her 3rd egg so she truly is our golden child, I mean chicken.


Kristy Lou said...

Awesome! Is it hard to gather the eggs from the chicken? Do they guard them? You should get the book: Chickens in the Headlights by Matthew Buckley. I read it to my kids--there were lots of laugh-out-loud parts.

mitzi said...

Congratulations, Abigail! Don't get discouraged, Stinky Pete, you can do it, too!

EllaJac said...


But.. Hm....

Those eggs look white. IF the hatchery breeds the kinds of chickens they claim (and, well, I have no opinion on that), Abigail will lay brown eggs, and Pete will lay white. Does this confuse you terribly? :) The gold one is a buff orpington, the other a brown leghorn. If I have their names, right, Abigail is the gold (brown eggs) and pete the leghorn (white eggs)?

But I've never read about the feet thing... Our aracaunas still have green feet, what does that mean?

But I'm so happy for your eggs, whichever chicken is laying them!!!

sariah said...

Well, Ella, now I'm in a quandry... I read that as hens produce eggs, the yellow parts of their body turn white because the yellow color is diverted to the yolks of their eggs. But after your comment I researched online and it says it will take a few WEEKS for the bleaching effect. So, maybe it is poor Stinky Pete after all- and here is Abagail getting all the credit!

MisoMama said...

Congratulations! If you have a hard boiled egg soon will you please tell me if it is the fresh that are hard to peel or the stale.

lawdy said...

Who knew? This is a very involved science, eh? I'm jealous and hope we will have chickens by summer.

lindafay said...

You too? How exciting!


Didn't know that about the feet.

Hava said...

Poor Stinky Pete. First she's given a horrible name, and now she can't lay eggs. :-P

And it's fresh eggs that are impossible to peel after you've boiled them. I know this one from experience (I had an old boss who had chickens and she used to give us eggs all the time. I love boiled eggs, but boy were those fresh eggs almost impossible to peel! LOL!)