Monday, November 17, 2008

Quick Lunch

Mmmmm....... I love lunches that are quick yet fresh and yummy. This idea worked great today. Cook a cup of couscous in a little chicken broth. (It only takes 3 or 4 minutes) Then add diced cherry tomatoes (Costco's are the best, of course) chopped fresh spinach, and toss with some good Ranch dressing and a little salt and pepper. Finished!


Kristy Lou said...

Yum Yummy! I want some. I wonder, would quinoa work as well? I am so hungry looking at that salad!

sariah said...

You should try it with quinoa and let me know! I don't have any quinoa in my cupboard to try it myself. I think sometimes we get so hungry for something fresh and nutritious.

lawdy said...

That looks so good. Do your kids eat it, or just you? I'm excited to hear about your Saturday. I think your phone cut out.