Sunday, November 30, 2008

Of popcorn chains and pre-lit trees

This weekend the kids and I worked on getting a popcorn chain made to put on the tree. Every year Heidi insists on doing it and every year I forget how time consuming it is and agree to the idea. Even Reagan helped us out this year! Hours later, after we had sewn and eaten as much popcorn as we could possibly stand, we tied every ones length into one continuous chain. This project was a great accompaniment to our other time consuming project of "let's clip all the original lights off our fake tree" project. That actually took about 6 hours with the combined efforts of Joel, Taylor and I. Taylor even has a blister! That's what we get for buying a fake pre-lit tree I guess. (Why did I expect the lights on that tree to last any better than the cheap lights you buy in a box, you ask? Good question.....) So what I've learned this weekend? Popcorn chains- a lot of work, but worth it. Pre-lit trees- not so much.

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Kristy Lou said...

You are definitely into the Christmas season...i haven't even thought that far. we try for a real tree every year and need to wait till Christmas is closer so it doesn't die a week before the presents go under it. This year, my husband is thinking of buying fake tree. Hmm...but maybe not after reading your post. BTW...Emma is my fourth kid.