Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weekend trip to Carey

2 weekends ago we went to Carey to visit the Alberdi's. We became friends with the Alberdi's years ago when we lived in Hailey and we've stayed in touch ever since. They invited us to come and attend the Blaine County Fair with them (which is essentially the Carey Fair, because not many Sun Valley residents are into raising a 4-H pig or showing off their blue ribbon jellies!) It was great spending time with their family and Joel and the kids experienced a first that weekend- attending a rodeo!

Taylor, and Reagan decided they wanted to participate, brave little souls, so we signed them up. As soon as Reagan saw about 20 kids get knocked into fences, trampled on, and generally busted by their mutton, he decided the deal was off. He felt viewing the spectacle from his ring side seat with his friend Stockton was exciting enough. Taylor was still ready and willing but he quickly found out that riding a calf was trickier than driving a tractor. Calves buck you off then kick you in the face!

I wish I could figure out how to intersperse my pictures throughout my blog and have captions on them, but right now, that is beyond my limited computer abilities. ...sigh... So the other pictures you see are of: Hailey with the pigs that Austin and Seneca raised this year, the
beautiful barn Eric built, and Taylor's face stamped with a calf's signature.


Mandy said...

Hey! What great pictures! You guys live in the coolest place ever. There is a way to put your pictures into your text, I think you may have to mess with the html code though. . .Sam Would know, you might ask him. I got my background at thecutestblogontheblock.com. It was a really cute site. There are others if you google "blog backgrounds". I think I made changes so you can past to my blog. Oh, and to invite people, you go to settings, and then to permissions. I have my blog set up so that it can only be accessed by people I invite, just to be safe.

EllaJac said...

That's a barn? Sheesh. I'd live there! :)