Thursday, August 21, 2008

Enjoying the Garden

Heidi and I ventured out into our jungle one evening to see what was ready to be picked. Her favorite things to find and eat are the yellow cherry tomatoes. 'Galina' is the Russian variety I always grow because it is has more flavor than most yellow tomatoes. But this year we've found a new favorite- Sungold. It is delicious.

The other taste treat you have to try when you come to visit us is the pineapple tomatillos. They are smaller than regular tomatillos but very good to just eat out of hand. You remove the papery husk, then pop it in your mouth and savor the tropical flavor coming out of an Idaho garden.


Mike and Kathleen said...

When I get my beautiful garden started next year, I might need some of your expert advice. This post made us hungry!!!

EllaJac said...

I grew regular tomatillos one year, with grandiose plans for salsa verde. I didn't figure on the husks being a favorite hiding place for earwigs, and the whole experience just wrecked it for me. No salsa verde.