Friday, August 15, 2008

Bunny Corral

The other day I was looking at our little brown bunny (that I totally adore), and feeling sorry for it being cooped up in its small cage with no room to run around. That night, as I was trying to go to sleep, I kept thinking about what I could do about it that didn't involve me and power tools. (I didn't want to ask Joel, who needs to focus all his attention on finishing Grandma's house!) So, the next morning, the kids and I went for an explore up to the top area of the village. Up there you can find all sorts of neat things: bricks, an old chicken coop, extra fencing wire, remnants of iris and lilac stands, and a lovely view of the river too. I'd remembered seeing a really big round cage made of wire that looked like it had been used as a chick brooder. Sure enough, it was still there! We rolled it down the hill- a pretty wild trip, then set it up in the shade of the pines by our garden. When bunny was first placed in there she was a little hesitant. Then she started to frolic-kicking up her heels and jumping and twisting in midair! Poor thing, deprived of that sort of freedom the last couple months. Now she gets to exercise in her "bunny corral" everyday. Heidi wanted to have school in there so we played phonics games in the corral while the bunny nibbled our cards and hopped in circle around us. Then I read Beatrix Potter's Treasury of Bunny Stories aloud. What a memorable afternoon....

P.S. This post was written last week for my other blog. Unfortunately, Flopsy our bunny died this week when our neighbor's dog broke into her little cage- not the corral- the cage. We were all so sad! She was the sweetest bunny and we will miss her so much.

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The Mayo Family said...

How sad! I was taking Shyanne over to my parent's house last night so she could sleep over w/ Sofia and turing the corner of our street I almost ran over a little cottontail bunny. Luckily I saw him out of the corner of my eye so it wasn't too close of a call, but Shyanne keeps talking about how I almost "ran over" a bunny.