Monday, August 18, 2008

Crossing Shoshone Falls

Last night our family decided to take a tour of Shoshone Falls from the spillbridge. The spillbridge is used to inspect the spillgates across the river. It was very beautiful and dramatic to see the contrasts: serene pools of water reflecting the sunset and then crashing, frothing gorges of converging river just 10 feet away that then disappeared into the huge falls below. We saw a blue heron wading on the precipice of one of the big falls. Wouldn't that be fun to see what a view he was taking in! But the walk we had last night was plenty of fun and we're grateful we get to live in this amazing place.

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Mommab said...

I can't wait til you take me for a walk across the bridge. That sounds exciting and beautiful!

Boy they sure make it difficult to make a comment. I had to do 3 of those word verification things to do this. Hopefully it works. ;-}