Friday, August 15, 2008

Ode to the Apricot

We just finished with the last of the apricots for the year. It was nice to have two large productive trees with fruit that was virtually bug free! I made lots of fruit leather, freezer jam and just plain dried apricots with our bounty. Our favorite, of course, is the fruit leather! Yum. Isn't it strange how the most mealy textured, mild tasting fruit ends up being very delicious when dried? Apricots are so easy to work with too, being able to split them with your thumb nail. Our local wildlife also finds the apricot a wonderful fruit. Late the other night, Joel and I heard noises outside and went to the garden with a flashlight. We looked up to find 2 porcupines and 1 raccoon caught in the act of gorging in our tree. I grudgingly decided we had enough to let them share, though I wasn't excited about it.

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