Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The arctic tundra

So I thought I lived in the relatively warm banana belt of Idaho, where the skies not are not cloudy all day-- or at least rarely. But this winter has been different. Some days it feels like we've moved just a bit north of the arctic circle. This morning it was 3 degrees as I drove the kids to school and there was beautiful fog crystal formations everywhere. To be honest, it really didn't feel that terribly cold because there was no wind! I tried to capture a few scenes to share with our family in Arizona. I hear it is cold down there too!


Olivia said...

Those are beautiful pictures! It was -16 at our house on Sunday! It is cold!!!

Miss you guys lots!

Ammanda said...

Those crystals are cool! Yes, we've been cold, but, after looking at your pics, it seems almost a little silly to be dramatic about the icicle that formed on a leaky outdoor spigot and how the chickens' water was frozen when we came out to feed them in the morning... That's Arizona desert living. :)