Sunday, January 13, 2013

That was easy!

Whoa! This iphone blogging capability may mean a new era in my blogging! Making posts with photos is soooo much easier when I'm not worried about memory cards, camera batteries, which hard drive the pictures were downloaded onto, not to mention that the computer is always being used by someone in the house other than me. :-). It's more clumsy to navigate on the phone than
on the big computer but that's a small price to pay.
Here are some recent photos of Heidi's birthday. She turned 11 and I can't believe it. I cried and cried the night before. She's one of my "little" kids but she's now eleven and growing quite tall. Sob. Hiccup. For her birthday she had her best friend from Kimberly come spend the weekend and they had a wonderful time playing board games and sledding the whole weekend. Then when Christmas break was over she took her 2 best friends from this area to the ice skating rink. Even Leif tried ice skating! H

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Jeffrey and Sariah said...

Her cake looks yummy! Sage turns 12 (nooooooooo) this year and Jasper will be 18 WOW! Happy Birthday Heidi!