Sunday, October 30, 2011

My little peanut

I couldn't find Leif the other day so I went searching all over the house.  I found him in the pantry.  He had discovered the bag of peanuts from Costco and he'd decided they were easier to access if they were in a big pile on the floor.

I told Leif maybe he'd better sit in time out for a while.

Just joking.  I didn't put him in time out! :-) (does your last baby ever get put in time out.....?)

Actually, Taylor was dusting and had taken all the pictures and the little chair off the shelf.  He'd forgotten to put the stuff back and when I walked in, there was Leif sitting on the chair, looking at our old family portrait.  The kids and I had a good laugh and had to take a picture. 


Kimberly said...

so glad to hear someone else's baby is spoiled.

MisoMama said...

Hilarious. It is like he's watching a movie.

K. Lou said...

he is so adorable! glad he is not allergic to peanuts. and sadly--my last one still gets put into time out. must be the mean mom. but she is spoiled in many other ways. i love reading your posts. your family is awesome!

Mandy said...

Dallin LOVES to sit on the doll chairs. For about a week he was carrying one around the house with him. So cute!!