Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just a quick random post to try catching up with some October pictures, since we're now (unbelievably) almost a 1/4 of the way through November!

Part of the family in our Halloween garb. The boys were still in the showers getting cleaned up from a day of working on the tractor and hauling trees so I missed them.

Taylor captured some cheerful autumn colors in the Lower Salmon park.

Leif loves being pulled around the house in his clothing bin.  We always laugh because he looks like a little package being delivered.

Hailey and Heidi were a big help in scraping Great-Grandma Bishop's house.  It was an all day job!  The next week, the local church painted it.

The same day the girls were helping me scrape the house, the boys were with Grandpa and Joel cutting and hauling away some weedy trees in Grandma's pasture.  Here's Taylor and Reagan taking a load off to the burn pile across the road.

Lately, Leif really hates to miss out on anything, so he tries to escape a nap if at all possible.  But eventually, that nap catches up.

 Even if it has to happen in the standing position.


Kimberly said...

Is that a pumpkin quilt? I want to see!

Ammanda said...

I had a couple kids that could nap standing impressive!

sariah said...

Yes, that's a quilt I finished this fall. In these pictures I hadn't put the binding on yet. I might post a picture....