Monday, November 14, 2011

Sonatina Festival 2012

Saturday was the Sonatina competition at the college in Twin falls and the kids did an amazing job!  All four of them made it to the top 2 for their level.  This meant they were able to play off in the concert. Hailey came away with the trophy for level 10, Taylor won the trophy for level 11, Heidi earned the trophy for level 1, and Torsten was the first runner up for level 12!

Taylor with his buddy Henry.  It was fun to see so many of our homeschool friends there at the competition.  Many of them won awards too.

I asked our wonderful piano teacher, Barbarba Mix, to pose in a picture with the kids.  I'm so grateful for such a talented teacher and for kids who love to play and practice the piano!


Mommab said...

Congratulations to all my talented grandchildren! Good job all of you! ;-}

lawdy said...

I don't think your kids could be any cuter.