Sunday, December 4, 2011

What a Grandma!

Grandma Clayton sang at the Christmas concert last night that was put on by the Magic Valley Chorale and Twin Falls Symphony.  When her group performed their individual song it made me cry.  It was very beautiful and touching, but now I realize that what was most beautiful of all, was the fact that my lovely Grandma was singing in it and I love her so much!!!

Tonight I happened to come upon these pictures from almost a year ago that I never shared.  They illustrate perfectly what a talented and loving Grandma our family is blessed to have.  Grandma made this Valentine doll for Heidi's birthday and it turned out so pretty. 

The pink and red matched just right with the carousal cake that she also made.  Grandma puts so much love and creativity into the things she makes for her grandkids and great-grandkids.

And this fall she was willing to endure the long drive to Oregon to have an adventure with us.  We love her and our life is so much richer because of her!

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Hilarey said...

Your grandma is a lovely lady.