Friday, October 28, 2011

Cross country--- our dabble into organized sports

This year Torsten, Hailey and Taylor participated in cross country.  Our town of Hagerman doesn't have a cross country program so we drove to our neighboring town of Buhl.  Yes, we were out of district homeschoolers, but Buhl was very welcoming regardless.  To be honest, I must admit that 40 mile round trip to Buhl got a little old sometimes, especially the 7 a.m. practices, but other than that complaint, it was a good experience for all.  The kids enjoyed getting in shape, meeting new friends, and gaining appreciation for the grueling sport of running.  Hailey said doing cross country made clogging seem like a piece of cake.  (But then Hailey has always made clogging look like a piece of cake!)

Speaking of Hailey, here she is after a race getting a hug from Dad.

 And with her friend Kia, a longtime friend she knows from both homeschooling and clogging.

Taylor getting close to the finish line........and then below that, clutching a bottle of Gatorade, wishing he could jump in a nice pool and cool off.  Wow, the cool weather and frosty nights this week made me forget how recently we were HOT.  It was a very hot afternoon this particular day.  2 girls fainted part way through the course and they had to call the ambulance.  I was sitting in the shade of a tree with my water bottle thinking- "Seriously kids?  It's really not too bad out here."  No, no I wasn't actually thinking that.  What I was thinking, is how did Joel stand it that season he ran cross country in Phoenix?  That sounds like it would have been pure TORTURE.

 And lastly, some nice action shots of Torsten running.  Wohoo, go Torsten!!


Kimberly said...

Your kids are awesome! I feel the driving pain...Good job.

Tad said...

I ran cross-country in 29 Palms. :)

sariah said...

Tad, I don't think I ever knew that! (Where was I? :-)) So, that must have been torturous I assume? Havilah and I both remember that just walking home from the main part of the base in the extreme heat brought us close to heat exhaustion.