Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thrifty summer shorts

I made some shorts for Leif using a free pattern and free fabric. The fabric was a hand-me-down shirt given to Taylor that wasn't seeing much use. (My boys like the idea of collar shirts but never seem to wear them)

I know I could have picked up some summer shorts from Once Upon a Child and only paid 3 or 4 dollars......but hey, there's no creativity in that! And really, there is something so fun in making clothes for toddlers. Probably because they can make anything look cute.
I made some pants using this same pattern with some nubby navy linen from a free shirt I brought home for Joel (Joel didn't like the color, nor the fact that it was linen- he's just not a linen type guy). Well, the end product reminded me slightly of Russian peasant child pants-- but that's NOT why I'm refraining from showing you a picture. I just didn't happen to take a picture! I actually think Leif makes a cute Russian peasant child..... But since I don't have a picture of the peasant pants, I'll end with this.

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Kimberly said...

You are so creative--one of these days I am going to get sewing myself!