Thursday, June 2, 2011

Little seamster

I've been sewing everyday lately and I guess Leif 's been taking it all in. Just now as I was on the computer, the kids told me to go take a peek at Leif. There he was at the sewing machine putting pieces of fabric under the foot and moving various levers. He spent at least 20 minutes in there readjusting the fabric and pressing buttons on the machine! What a cutie. I like that better than when he decided to throw all my bobbins across the room, and then ate my chocolate stash and drooled chocolate all over the chair. You couldn't imagine him doing that could you?

1 comment:

Ammanda said...

Put him and Columbus together and they'd have your sewing room destroyed in 5 minutes flat. (the first 3 minutes would be them waiting to make sure no one was around - then 2 minutes for the destruction) :)