Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My mind has been feeling so unsettled lately. Mostly because I am worrying about Joel's job interviews and wondering where or IF we will be moving and if I should be collecting boxes or not. I really dislike not knowing what the next few months will hold because it makes it so hard to make plans. Do I start to raise some chicks, or not? Should I dig a small garden area here, or not? Should I sign Torsten up for Drivers Ed. here in Hagerman, or wait? On grey windy days, the weather doesn't help and I get depressed about it all. I never realized until the last few years that my mood is affected so much by the sunlight, or lack thereof! But today---- well, it was a BEAUTIFUL day!! So sunny, no wind (amazing!) the lilacs are blooming and the birds are out in full force, and this morning it was warm enough to do school on the trampoline. (That is no easy task, between the inclination for the kids to bounce when someone is trying to write, and then the cat attacking Heidi's feather pen and scratching Reagan. :-) Then this afternoon, we went to Great Grandma and Grandpa's house so the big kids could mow the lawn and do tractor work. While they worked on that, I took the 3 younger kids and the 3 neighbor kids to my parents so I could plant flowers. The combination of the dazzling colors of the dahlias and gerbera daisies and smelling fresh dirt, and hearing the kids happy chatter as they explored the canal and found snakes, snails, and plenty of mud, made for a light and happy heart.
Later in the day, I took the kids to their Wednesday night activity, which was loading and hauling wood for a widow in the ward, and as I drove down the sun dappled street, surrounded by green trees, fields,plateaus and crossed over pretty Billingsley Creek, I realized no matter where we live, it's all good. It's a beautiful world!

Recent happenings: Grandpa Pearson came to visit us for a week for Taylor's birthday. It was so fun to see him.He brought boxes of grapefruit and oranges from his back yard. Yum! I've made a gallon of fresh squeezed orange juice.

Torsten trying out our new 100 dollar mower. We now own 4 working mowers which comes in handy for mowing at all our grandmas' houses. All these mowers have been either free or very cheap and just required some tuneups and small parts. Yay to Joel for being such a handyman!

Big Leif baby, admiring one of his favorite people in the world.
The combined birthday party we had for Taylor, Kyler and Mom.Life is truly good.


Hilarey Johnson said...

It is good, but it is easier to remember that in the spring sometimes.
I hope you get your dream location (near me) but maybe that's not "your" dream.
It is good to see pictures of everyone!

Danette said...

Are your job applications for Joel to still work for the power company, or is it for something else?

SarahB said...

This is just the post I needed to stumble upon! We are going through the same situation here and all the unknown has me rather frazzled. Thank you for reminding me that the most important thing is that we'll be together.