Sunday, May 22, 2011


I don't feel like making multiple posts, so this will be very random......just warning you.

Leif having a grand time at Hop 2 it. Isn't that such a look of joy?
Heidi and Hannah having a fun time together.
In our science class that we had this spring, we had a great friend-- Jim Cornell, come lead a rat dissection for us.

I loved having someone there who could explain what we were looking at. The smell brought back memories of all our dissection projects at Shoshone Falls and looking back at those photos I realize how fast everyone is growing. sigh.I thought this was a cute photo of Grandpa Pearson with Leif. Every 5 years the dams are supposed to open the spill gates to make sure they are in working order. It was so amazing to watch all the water come spilling out. Here's a before picture-And AFTER, with the spill gates open.
The spill gate right before it opens.
Well, enough of the randomness. I need to go change a stinky diaper!

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