Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lagoon 2011

Our yearly trip to Lagoon for clogging finals was this weekend! The kids scored really well on their "Lonely Goatherd" dance and Hailey earned All Star All American for her Acapella and Acapella duet. Hailey with her friends Abby and Kia.
We had a fun time at the park but the hotel stay was awful- (Leif didn't want to sleep because he had a terrible cold, Heidi got a stomach ache in the middle of the night and moaned for a few hours, the curtains wouldn't close so the light from the parking lot was shining in my eyes, the beds felt like boards.....but enough complaining all ready! I should just know by now that when our family travels, it means sleepless nights.)

Because Heidi was still feeling a little woozy in the morning, she did kiddie rides with Leif and I all morning. We had fun riding the train, the sky ride and the little cars together.
Taylor shelled out the bucks for he and Joel to ride the Sky Coaster this year, which is a huge bungee jump done in the prone position, so our family calls it the Super Man. Oh WOW! It would have gave me a heart attack to do it, but they loved it. Here they are gearing up for the ride.
The beginning of their ascent up......up.......up. I'm glad Joel is brave enough to do fun things like that with Taylor, since I am a big chicken. I think I would have to be paid 5,000 dollars before I would consider doing this. And even then......I might back out. Hopefully this little video works.

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