Friday, April 22, 2011

Recent projects

I've been in the sewing mood lately and it's been wonderful to get some projects accomplished.
Here is a picture of an owl purse that I actually finished at Christmas, but I thought I'd show it with the kitty purse that I just finished this week. I think I got better with practice, or maybe I just like the kitty fabric better..... or something. The owl was for Heidi who is not into pink anymore (sniff...sniff) and the kitty was for a sweet 5 yr.old friend of mine.
I sewed 2 pillows for Hailey and Heidi's room- the other 2 are from TJ Maxx. We've been working on their room lately, trying to make it more to a 13 year old's liking.
I started the flower pillow quite a while ago, but wasn't sure how I wanted to finish the edge. I wasn't happy with the zigzag applique look. I ended up doing a blanket stitch for the edge. I didn't get any photos of the Shakespeare costumes I've been sewing-- I will have to take some pictures tonight at the play. Torsten and Hailey are in "A Midsummer's Nights' Dream" production and it's playing at the Oakley Opera House today and tomorrow. I used to DETEST sewing costumes and grumble and moan the whole time, but now I find them kind of fun. Kind of. At least I find satisfaction in them when I am done instead of looking at the finished costume with resentment!

Currently I'm working on a baby quilt, bibs made from my scrap bin, and trying out scrappy paper piecing blocks . These are my favorite types of projects to do!


alec said...

Oh my goodness, Sariah...I LOVE these! So, so are really great at sewing. Truly. Remember some of our first sewing projects together? I am amazed at the things you have tackled. I think I've become a very lazy seamstress, especially when I think about the things you are making. Prepare yourself--I'm going to pick your brain for ideas when I am home this summer. Can't wait to see you!

alec said...

Oh, that last comment was from me, Michelle, not Alec. I've hijacked his computer. Sorry if that confused you.

sewtakeahike said...

your projects are so sweet, Sariah!!! The handbags just make me smile and all those pillows are so calming! Love them!

Emma said...

Sariah, You are so talented! I always love to see what you're sewing. I think I need to take lessons from you!

Kimberly said...

I love that cat bag. Jenna told me the other day that she's "not into pick so much anymore." darn. You should put pictures of all your projects. I love to see them.

Hilarey Johnson said...

Sariah, You are so talented!