Monday, November 22, 2010


Woohoo! We are so excited about the SNOW in Hagerman!!! The kids and I were starting to think that we'd have to go back to Twin Falls to experience some of this beautiful white fluff......not that Twin Falls is known for its record snow, but at least they've had some this year! So yesterday, Leif experienced 2 firsts: snow and hot chocolate. He liked only one of them and I bet you can guess which one it was......(hot chocolate!) The kids are working on a snow fort in the park and Heidi is back to making her favorite concoction of snow and maple syrup. The older kids are all ready getting excited about their favorite winter activity: skiing.
I was driving Torsten to seminary early this morning and individually marveling at the beauty of the vineyards, evergreens, blackberry bushes and cliffs with their new coats of white. The full moon made the snow on the distant plateaus glow a soft lovely.
I wanted to include snow pictures in this post, but the camera is presently incapacitated. So the pictures are vintage 2009.

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Mommab said...

I would have guessed it to be the snow that he liked. ;-}