Monday, November 29, 2010


One afternoon in October, the kids raked and raked the back yard, bagging up all the walnut tree leaves and even some leaves from the adjacent yard. They ended up with over 11 bags of leaves!! I was soooo amazed that they did all that work without me asking them.

(Reagan was pretty amazed too....)

I looked out later to see all the of the bags deflated and scattered on the grass and a gargantuan pile of leaves next to the trampoline.....They were merrily jumping and diving into their freshly created leaf pile!
Come to find out, creating a huge pile had been their plan all along. Well, no wonder they were motivated to do so much work-- I should have known. Hmmm.......sigh...those leaves never did get cleaned up again until we did our final mow for the year.


Kimberly said...

That is completely something my kids would have done! Very fun.

MisoMama said...

What fun! I am surprised after you were so impressed that they didn't just leave them in the bag.