Thursday, November 25, 2010

Remember the quilt I mentioned awhile back?

"Hey, Taylor and Hailey- would you mind doing a photo shoot of the baby quilt I just finished? You know, outside in the sunshine with some nice snow and evergreens as a backdrop?" This was my request when I went into town today for last minute groceries. (I missed our normal shopping day because of Tuesday's snowstorm.)

When I downloaded the camera, this is what I found:

Hmmmm...... not quite what I was imagining. This is the back. Nice ski goggles Hailey.....

Oh, okay, here we go- this is the front of it.
So, weren't they sweet to help me out? Especially as it was only 13 degrees outside. :-)


Emma said...

You are so talented! I need you to teach me how to be a better quilter. I love that kind of stuff.

Manda said...

Lovely! Oh - and the quilt's great too. :) I'd love to see it in person...instead of on a person. Although that does make it more fun!

Jo said...

I came over to check out your photo shoot...It looks like our kiddos had the same thing in mind. I used to take photos on my clothesline but that got taken down when we remodeled this year. I have a new spot scoped out for the new clothesline but that won't happen until spring. Until then I think it will be LOTS of BLOOPER photos. Thanks for stopping by my blog.