Thursday, November 4, 2010

October in Review

Here's a few photos from October that I wanted to share before trying to catch up with November's fun. The computer is in hot demand around here with so many kids needing it for school reports, math and science lectures, etc. When I finally have my turn at it, it seems I just end up reading email and catching up on political stuff and friends blogs! So here's a quick recap of October.

Leif's first year to enjoy the autumn leaves. The kids had fun burying him too but I can't find the pic's.

Taylor made a beautiful cheesecake ALL BY HIMSELF! He loves cheesecake and I wasn't responding to his request to make one so he took matters into his own hands...
Leif as Baby Bear and Hailey the Gypsy

At the trunk or treat-
Reagan as Sherlock Holmes

Heidi the Indian

Taylor as himself....
Taylor and Torsten helped Grandpa do logs and clean roof gutters that day and didn't get back to the house in time to dress up. That was okay because this year the boys didn't have a cliff with trash to look for great costume props. (Did you know that at our last house people would throw things off the cliff, so the kids would hunt around in the rocks for interesting things to use- crutches, sunglasses, the pipe for Reagan's costume...etc. And yes, we bleached and disinfected that pipe!)

Here's a random silly picture, very typical of a day at our house. Kids doing school but getting distracted dressing up Leif and taking pictures-- and look at Taylor in the background.....he's walking around with his arms down the legs of his sweatpants looking like a pair of legs with a head. Yes, very typical.
To conclude I have to include another picture of Leif's birthday. Even though the quality is bad I love the happy look on the kids faces. The cute pumpkin cake was made by Grandma Clayton!


Mandy said...

Everything at your house always seems fun. I am jealous!! we are also missing you guys and SO excited for you to come next week!!

Manda said...

I love the looks on their faces too - such fun when they're so happy for each other!

mama of many said...

Look how that boy is loved. His birthday picture is soooo precious! You guys sure know how to love eachother!!!