Friday, June 19, 2009

What we've been up to lately....

I haven't posted recently, so here's a real quick update of the past week-

Hailey kissed a frog. Then she and Lili promptly opened him up to take a better look at his innards....
Reagan sang "I'm in the money" after receiving birthday cards from his generous grandmas for his 5th birthday.
Torsten designed a great cake topper for his brother's cake. Thanks Torsten!
Heidi attempted to make a pet out of a hummingbird that Torsten caught.
Taylor kayaked with his buddies and jumped off cliffs at Dierkes lake for his late-in-coming friend birthday party.
I finished a bunch of sewing projects including the dress I started for Heidi before Easter.
Joel wanted to teach our duck how to be a duck, so he walked it over to the pond. Alas, it didn't work- Aflac still believes he is a chicken.
Oh, and this week we had a great family home evening working in the garden together. That wholesome and useful activity morphed into "let's burn all the cheatgrass 'round here". Before the night was through, the Jerome fire department paid us a little visit. Oops.


Mommab said...

Sounds like a busy and fun week! Did they teach you about burn permits? ;-}

The Bruneau Bunch said...

Sounds like you've been busy doing all sort of fun things. I like the fire thing the best.:) Hope you're all doing well.