Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A few pics from our camping trip

I thought I'd quickly post some pictures from our Green Canyon Hot Springs camping trip. We camped for 4 days and 3 nights with maybe 30? homeschooling families and got 9 hours of swimming lessons under our belt in those 4 days. The kids came home much improved swimmers- or as in Heidi's case, she learned to swim- YAY!

Here's the kids after helping me pack up the tents to go home. It's the only photo I took at the Hot Springs. Oops.
But we took some fun day trips to Driggs and Mesa Falls and I did remember to use my camera there. Here's our little (ha ha) group on our way to see the falls. The Tetons were looking so gorgeous that day. I had forgotten how beautiful that whole area is- it's been years since I've been to eastern Idaho.
Here we are at Lower Mesa Falls. The view is much more spectacular at the Upper Falls, but we forgot to get pictures there. Actually, I was worried about the little kids falling off the railings or disappearing into the forest, so I was more distracted than anything.I'll post more later because I need to get kids off to piano lessons.


K. Lou said...

Fun! It's been years since I've been to Green Canyon. My family hikes Tablerock mtn. every summer. The view of the Tetons is amazing from there. Your pics bring back a lot of fond memories! thanks for sharing. Call me again soon!

Mandy said...

your pictures are so fun. I think you always have the greatest adventures! We want to come!

Jessica said...

I met you very briefly at the camp out, I stumbled on your blog accidentally tonight surprised to find it was someone I actually knew... well, sorta ;o)