Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Upper Mesa Falls

Okay, I'm back with a few more pictures from our Mesa Falls trip. Here Hailey and Lili are on the railing overlooking the awesome falls. This area is soooo beautiful! It reminds me of Montana. I think it is the cool lushness and the beautiful river. All right, that was a strange coincidence. Right as I was typing this post an ad came on the radio talking about the beauty of Upper and Lower Mesa Falls being 2 reasons to love Idaho. Never heard that commercial before, but it is certainly true!

Heidi and her friend Hannah marching up in perfect step.
The historic old lodge has totally been redone and restored, including the original wood floors. I love it!
There is now a great visitors center inside with lots of stuff for the kids to look at and touch. Here's Reagan checking out the moose feet. I'd hate to have those huge feet running after me!

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Mommab said...

I love your quote right now (I had to look up assiduity). I can't believe they had moose feet, that's wierd. A note on your smile box. It does come up real big and you can click a link to make it full screen, so I just didn't notice. Gotta go ;-}