Friday, April 17, 2009

Snow, baby ducks, etc.

After that beauuutiful weather this weekend, we woke up to snow on Wednesday morning. At least the little kids were excited about it. They got on their snowpants and mittens and probably did their final sledding for the year. :-) At lunchtime all of us dressed in our scarves and winter hats and went with our signs and American flags to the TEA party protest outside the courthouse. Taylor was interviewed and ended up being on the 6 o'clock news!

Here's the big trailer load of fencing we picked up Monday from various Craig's List ads. ALL the metal t-posts and rolls of wire fencing were free! Yay! I'm amazed because it's all in really great condition. That probably saved us 500 to 600 dollars in fencing. We brought home 18 used hog/lamb panels too. Now we just have to get working on putting it up.....
This week we also picked up 7 baby chicks, (we call them chickie babies) and 2 ducklings from D&B. The kids love them and Heidi even sleeps by their box at night.

Here is Hailey with one of the ducks.
Heidi snuggling one of the chicks. She checks their food and water at least every hour and gives them new wood shavings a couple times a day! Pampered little chickie babies....
Taylor snapped this photo of the apricot tree yesterday. It warms my heart just looking at it. Much better than snow pictures. Thanks, Taylor.l


Kristy Lou said...

Snow one day and pretty blossoms with green grass the next. What the heck?? Is this normal...oh, wait, we live in Idaho. Yep, very normal...sigh.

lawdy said...

Sariah--beautiful picture with the snow and green. I loved seeing all that white and bright green! Love the ducks and chicks too.

Cynthia said...

Snow in April? Is that really normal for your area? I can't wait until we retire somewhere where there are seasons and the landscape changes with it. All we have is Hot, a little hot, windy and a day of snow every several years. The desert looks just about the same all year.

And chicks! How cute! My grandma gets about 100 chicks each year and walking into her chicken house with all the little chicks in there is soooo cute! Too bad they grow up and have to get 'taken care of' to become dinner!

EllaJac said...

The weather kept me home from the Tea Party; that and little nap times.

I am SOOO jealous of your fencing! If you have any extra that needs a good, loving home, lemme know!

Cattle panels (4 ft high instead of 3 ft like hog panels) are about $25 this year..! I bought them on sale last year for around $16 I think.

You need to figure out how to make Taylor's interview available on YouTube! :)