Monday, April 27, 2009

More Dissecting Fun....

We dissected grasshoppers 2 weeks ago....they were a little tricky but Truman and Torsten really took their time and were precise about it.
This week's specimen of choice was: the starfish (or asterias rubens to be scientific about it).
Have you ever wondered what the inside of a starfish looks like? Probably not, but here you go: (And just remember, you can click on the picture to get a better look)
All right, my apologies to any of you who may be eating breakfast while reading this. No more pictures like that, I promise. :-) Here are some photos that are a little easier on the eyes: look at these cute future scientists having fun with scalpels and probes....handsome specimens, aren't they?
And here's Hailey and Lili- the women scientists of our group. It's funny how the topic of conversation around their dissections always seems to revolve around the "meatiness" of that particular specimen. Or its tenderness, or juiciness,'s almost enough to make one hungry if it weren't for the pervading formaldehyde odor in the air! Next week's specimen is a perch, but maybe we should just plan a fish fry instead.......just kidding!

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