Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Heidi's 7!

My little Heidi-hoo turned 7 years old! (Is she really that big all ready?) I would love to be nostalgic and post baby pictures of her- but it is all ready about midnight..... so how about just a few photos from her special day.

Heidi had her great friend Hannah over for the "party". Heidi requested they play in the snow for one of the "games". They played until it was too dark to see and we had to call them in.

Then they played with the doll house- a well used toy when little girls come to visit!

These tall candles are the best. They've lasted for numerous birthdays. Make a wish!

We love you Heidi Rose! Our family wouldn't be the same without you!

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Manda said...

Happy Birthday Heidi!!! Lindy's been reminding us since you left that your birthday was "very, very soon!" Looks like you had a great one! We miss you guys!