Monday, December 8, 2008

Double Yolks

I like our current project of raising chickens for a couple reasons. First of all, because it gets us closer to the goal of learning more about how to raise our family's own source of healthy food. And second, I like that my kids have a responsibility beyond cleaning up their rooms. But sometimes, the joy of having your own egg supply (even if it is small) is in the daily suprise of "Is there going to be a brown one today?" or "Wow, look at this huge egg! - Mom, do you think it would have been twins?". And then when you are cooking, you never know when you are going to crack open a double yolker! My friend Heather, who raises chickens, told me her kids proclaim it a lucky day when she breaks open a double yolked egg. We just gather around and marvel at it and sometimes take a picture. Look at the color difference in the yolks. The other one is a store-bought egg.


EllaJac said...

Dontcha love it? We've been getting some of those too. Wonderful.

I've been meaning to email you... Hope everything is going well over there! Perhaps we'll show up at another homeschool event someday..

Gnomie said...

I love your blog Sariah!

MamaJ said...

Very neat! So, what does happen when a chicken lays a double yolk egg? If it gets fertilized and hatches, are there two chicks? I am completely clueless about this!

Like your blog!