Monday, September 29, 2008

My soft heart is not so soft any more....

At 3 a.m. the other night, Joel and I woke up because strange noises were coming from the yard right outside our open window. When we looked out we saw at least 8 raccoons running around! Raccoons are real pests in my opinion because they've been eating our peaches, plums, apricots and grapes this year almost faster than we can harvest it ourselves. They also eat the cat's food and we know they will eat chickens, eggs and baby kitties too. As Joel and I looked out at the raccoons debating what to do about them, a few noticed us through the window and started growling menacingly at us.

Okay, that did it.

Joel got out the .22 and shot them.

The boys gathered them all up the next morning.

Yes, what a mean thing to do, but I was cheering Joel on. I have become quite hardened to the "cuteness" of the wildlife around here. The deer eating our fruit trees, grapes vines, tulips, strawberries, roses, tomatoes, beans, peas and using my corn patch as a bed has turned me against them too. Anyone like to bow hunt? The season is on and we welcome one and all. In fact, I'll sweeten the experience. I'll make the dessert of your choice for anyone who bags a deer. I'm serious......


EllaJac said...

Wow, what wanton disrespect of life, and the needs that each life requires.

On their part, of course. Rotten buggers.


MisoMama said...

I looked before I read and thought "Wow, how did T get those guys to lay there so nicely?"

They look like they are waiting for their tummies to get scratched.

Are you going to make coon skin hats for school?

Survival of the fittest baby!

lawdy said...

heartless savages!
Come kill ours too, please.