Saturday, September 20, 2008

Alturas Camping Trip 2008

Every year we look forward to our tradition of staying at Lake Alturas with the Alberdi family. It's a great way to end the summer- enjoying the scenery of the Stanley basin for a few days while renewing friendships. We stopped at Galena summit to take in the view.

This year the first day was very smoky and hazy and it made it a little eerie at the lake. We were told there were recent wolf sitings at the nearby campground and that helped contribute to our unease. Here's Hailey with her friend Naomi the day it was smoky.
The next day turned out much nicer and we hiked up the little trail near camp to see the view. Did I mention that Mom and Grandma Clayton were able to camp with us this year too? We have a 3 generation photo to remember it by....
That afternoon everyone went back to the lake. Torsten and Taylor found a tree to climb.

The third day we decided to make the half hour drive further north to visit Redfish Lake. It has the most amazing views of the Sawtooths!
Reagan always enjoys spending time with Grandma Clayton.
We'll hold onto these memories until we can do it again next year!


Mandy said...

These are great pictures! I am really excited to go camping this week. it is such a bummer you guys can't come with us. That would have been fun. We should plan something soon. What are you guys doing for general conference?

MisoMama said...

Yes Regan enjoys time with Grandma Clayton! I think he stayed up all night on purpose so he could snuggle in her arms the whole day.