Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Meet our new chickens: Abigail and Stinky Pete

This weekend we brought home more animals to add to our growing menagerie! The kids and 2 boys we had staying with us and I, went to a homeschool friend's house to learn more about butchering chickens. My friend did a great job of writing about the experience of 2 women, 1 grandma and 9 children trying to accomplish that gruesome but interesting job. Anyway, we ended up coming home with 2 young laying hens to our great delight. Their feed is currently being supplemented by our garden's overipe cucumbers, old peaches, and weeds and they look very content.


EllaJac said...

Stinky Pete? Oh ha ha ha he he ho ho ha he heh... My girls will be scandalized, I'm sure. :) Glad they're loving their new home!

Mandy said...

I thought you couldn't have chickens. Did you find a way around that? And, Did the boys really take home the chicken heads? That is so gross. We are thinking about getting chickens at some point, so let us know how it goes. . .okay?
Have fun, and eat lots of eggs. :^)

sariah said...

Joel's boss relented about having chickens! Yay!
Yes, Taylor and his friend thought those chicken heads were pretty interesting and they wanted to bring them back to show the 2 older boys when they got home from their camping trip.